Rectangular Auditorium Design System Version 1.0 (Windows)

Rectangular Auditorium Design System Version 1.0 (Windows)

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The Rectangular Auditorium Design System, brought to you by Digital Design Solutions LLC, is a professional software tool for architects to generate the initial spatial form of a rectangular proscenium-type auditorium based on programmatic and acoustical parameters. The software optimizes the various parameters and generates the 3D spatial form of the auditorium, which can be exported as a 3D DXF file. This DXF file can be imported into 3D CAD, BIM and modeling software such as AutoCAD, Sketchup, Revit and formZ. This DXF file can also be imported into acoustical simulation software such as EASE or ODEON to perform acoustical simulations with the spatial design.


The spatial form generated is an initial 3D wireframe in actual dimensions to be used in 3D modeling or BIM software for design development. This tool is intended for busy principal and project architects who want to generate candidate solutions and delegate the design development to the design team. The input parameters have been constrained to a range of values that have been established in auditorium design practice as being optimal, so the candidate solution is already optimized for realistic conditions.

System Requirements:

Windows OS, Versions 7, 8.x and 10
25 MB storage space

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